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President: James L. Thomas Sr. A.K.A Big Dog. I am the founder and the First President of Eufaula, AL Buffalo Soldiers Chapter. I served and Retired from the United States Army with over 20 years of distinguish service. I am a faithful servant of Zion Baptist Church and Prince Hall Masonry and deeply rooted in our community.

The Eufaula Chapter

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Our Mission

Using motorcycle safety and education as our platform, our mission is to promote the history and uphold the legacy of the 9th and 10th Calvary Regiments known as the Buffalo Soldiers through positive interactions, influences, and service to our community and its members. Our goal is to accomplish this by creating a positive presence in the community, living our lives as a positive example, and mentoring and educating today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders. Our end state is a better community built on knowledge, respect, and a thorough understanding of history and the sacrifices of those before us, so that we are better prepared to move forward and make positive contributions in the community.

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Eufaula Chapter Overview

Our mission and goal is to tell the story of the Buffalo Soldiers as accurately as we can. Officially authorized by Congress on July 28, 1866 into the Regular Army, the Buffalo Soldier units served with distinction and demonstrated their fighting skills through many years of faithful duty under the harshest conditions of the American West. These troopers were known by the Native American with fear and respect and labeled “Buffalo Soldiers” by their one-time Native American adversaries during the years of the Indian wars in the late 1880s through 1890s.

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